Friday, March 29, 2013

The Call

Monday was one of those miserable wet cold nights where the wind and rain seemed to come down sideways and cut right through you. You know those nights. You zip up your coat, put your chin down and walk straight into the storm. 

Getting into the car and turning up the heat was a nice relief from the night air. As we listened to the radio, the wipers slapping rhythm, and the mobile phone rang. It was Sue. She had just felt an impression that she was not to participate on this trip in country.

She ask if Mary would consider taking her spot in April. I grabbed Mary's hand as they chatted away about the details. Leaving in two weeks. Thoughts racing in my head, she needs to get shots, renew her visa,  her passport, money, oh yes this will cost a chunk of change. 

In the midst of the conversation I got a sense that if this was supposed to happen then all of those concerns would be taken care of.

Yikes-Two Weeks! Off to Uganda again!