Monday, April 8, 2013

Fast Foreword

The team  is eight thousand miles away. When I last spoke to Mary on Sunday (a miracle of technology, with a five second delay), the team had settled in for their work. 

Bags were packed with: sustainable business materials,  extra laptops for the Alpha and Omega School, sewing and teaching supplies, financial books and annual reports for business and financial training, water filters for clean water and for installation on the Rainwater Collection Systems at the school and church, medical questionnaires to assess medical facilities, medical delivery processes, clinic and hospital access, songbooks, and more items to strengthen the sustainable aspects within Ugandan communities.

They will be working to establish sustainable Ugandan Companies, purchasing 32 acres of farm land in Kiburara western Uganda. This land will be used for vocational training and livestock production, a soap factory run by locals and a much needed orphanage modeled after the Sanyo orphanage in Kampala.

They also plan to meet with two different attorneys in Kampala in order to finalize a Ugandan Bank established in the village called a Sacco. This bank is like a savings and loan company for the villagers run by locales for community development. 

Tomorrow they are off to Katie Davis’ orphanage, (you remember her book “Kisses From Katie”), to speak with Chris Sperling about an exciting natural method of farming called “Farming God’s Way”, east of Kampala (the second largest city) called Jinja. Then back to the Kawanda Guest House in the west.

God knows their steps and all they need to be about today. They are on His mission, and in His hands. There is no better place to be. They are having the most incredible time of a their lives. This is impossible to explain. If you have ever been on a short term missions trip, in a land far from home, it is an experience some are terrified of, some are exasperated by, and some could only wish for. It truly is the experience of a life time, and one this team is embracing.

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