Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So Tuesday was just crazy - they needed an answer soon. Was she in or out? Wanting to go, deep down for all the right reasons, a love of the country, a love of the  the people, and the desire to make a difference; but she only had a 48 hour window to decide! 

Meeting with girl friends for lunch, talking to our daughters, asking me what each of us thought, it was unanimous... GO!

Nov said it best;. Question:"so why are you thinking you should NOT go?" Answer: not having the money, and being afraid of travelling without Paul! 

So Nov said again, "why do you think you shouldn't GO?"  She got it! If God was in this thing, and we all thought that he was, he would provide the funds, and he would provide the courage. 

A funny thing about courage, (like Grace) you don't get it in advance, it comes right when you need it. So it was settled, she was going to Uganda!

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