Monday, January 31, 2011

First Night in Kamwenge

This was to be an exciting life adventure for sure. Our experience in Uganda was amazing.

So the flight was eight hours to London and nine hours to Entebbe. We arrived in Africa late Saturday night. 

Seemed longer because we left the States on Friday. We had a hotel booked for Saturday night (thank you Lord!). So we got some rest and a shower before our nine-hour bus trip to Kamwenge in the west.

These long trips mess with your head because you are also traveling through several time zones. We would end up eight hours ahead of the time back home.

When I said there were places God wanted to take me it was both figurative and literal. Places I had never been before both figurative and literal.

So after the nine hour bus ride, (much of it on a single track, pitted dirt road), we arrived at the guesthouse. Think clean Motel 6 with a very firm mattress and mosquito netting.

When we checked out our bathroom we realized the toilet was missing. They had a flushing urinal mounted into the floor (that’s right, level with the floor).

We had a late dinner, and reviewed the next days work; and then to bed. We were given two “rules” at dinner. First “No Complaining”! This was strictly forbidden.

The second rule was, no talking about food from home. Monday would be a difficult physical day after two days of travel so we needed a good nights rest.

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