Monday, January 10, 2011

Pray for Health & Hydration

This is the most recent of updates from this morning. The main request is prayer for health and hydration as team begins repairing widow's homes today and tomorrow. Below is the email update:
Team leader, Isaac, reports the team continues to do well!

As for team member health updates, Shirley G. is recovering from her ear infection. Jason W. cold is diminishing, however, he has developed some nausea and stomach upset. Please pray that God would heal him completely.

The team is eager to begin their work repairing widows' homes today and tomorrow. Please pray all goes well and that many are  impacted for the sake of the Gospel by this tangible demonstration of God's love and care. Also, please pray the team stays well hydrated and healthy during the labor!

Isaac will call again at the end of their day, sometime tomorrow morning our time, with an additional update, if he is able.

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