Monday, January 10, 2011

Four Homes Repaired & Radio Interview

An update following the team's first full day of ministry work in Uganda. Highlights include four repaired window homes, Gospel broadcast on radio interview and reports of salvation fruit from last year's 2010 team! Email report reads below:
Isaac, pastor and team leader, was able to get through at the end of their day, just before bedtime. He says the team continues to do great!

On health front, everyone is doing well overall. Please continue to pray for Jason W. who is still experiencing nausea and gastrointestinal upset that the team nurse, Jess C., believes is due to travel. Also, please pray for Novia H. who is currently battling nausea, as well.

Ministry-wise, everything is going fantastic! The team spent the day repairing four widows' homes in the region. They hand-mixed cement, with shovels, and then applied the mixture to the inside and outside walls of these ladies' homes with trowels. This is difficult, but satisfying work. The widows were very blessed and everyone is tired from a long day's work and ready for bed!
Today also brought an unexpected, exciting opportunity for the Gospel to go forth in this area as a result of our team's efforts. Isaac was interviewed by a regional radio news crew. They asked him why "Mzungu" were here in Uganda, working on these widows' homes, and he was able to share the Gospel, in full, as the reason! The interview should be broadcast soon. Please pray many come to the Lord as a result of hearing the Gospel on the news!
As for tomorrow, the team will be repairing an additional four widows' homes, to complete a total of eight. About half of these eight women are unbelievers, so please pray that the Gospel goes forth as a result of their interactions with our friends & loved ones. To God's glory Isaac also reported that all of the widows whom they served last year's 2010 trip have given their lives to the Lord!

Isaac will try to call again tomorrow afternoon our time. Please pray he is able to get through as the cell network is having more difficulty connecting than usual this trip.

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