Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Robin Preachin' It at Pastors' Conference

Another great day for Uganda E-Team 2011! They are certainly feeling your prayers! While they did lose the soccer game (no surprise to the team) and had one injury, the team continues to be healthy overall. Both the Youth and Pastors' Conferences went very well, noting our pastor Robin's preaching as a highlight for the local pastors there. Lets keep the team in our prayers as they continue the conferences tomorrow and then split the team up to minister in the local prison, some village evangelism and outdoor evangelism time. Details on the day read below:
Isaac wanted me to begin by thanking each of you for your prayers; they have been felt and appreciated by all on the team! Everyone continues to be healthy overall.
Four o'clock in the afternoon found our team playing soccer with the local Ugandan soccer team. Fun was had by all! Our team was dominated and lost 2-1. Isaac said the score is no true reflection of the content of the game, as the only goal on our side was scored by an Ugandan graciously playing on our team. :) 
There was an injury during the soccer game today, however. Pepper's nose was most likely broken when he received an elbow to the face during the match. Jess has applied ice and given him ibuprofen for swelling and pain. She indicated that this is pretty much what would be done for this type of injury, even in the US. Isaac said Pepper is doing well and in good spirits. Please pray that he heals quickly and remains comfortable throughout the trip. 

One of today's highlights was the start of the Pastors' conference, taught by Robin. The local Pastors have expressed much gratitude for his wisdom and Biblical knowledge. Isaac said that Robin is knocking it out of the park!

Also on the calendar was the commencement of the Youth conference. (Isaac wanted me to mention that "Youth" is more accurately defined as high school aged & up Singles in this venue). Blaise R. preached the first message of the day, followed by a second message preached by Isaac.

On the schedule for tomorrow is an additional day of teaching at the Pastors' college for Robin and a continuation of the Youth conference for the rest of the team.  At 4 pm, the team will gather and split into three groups. The first group will participate in a prison evangelistic outreach, the second group will take part in hut to hut evangelism at a nearby village, and the third team will partake in an outdoor evangelism outreach in the heart of Kiburara. Please pray for much fruit as the Gospel goes forth in these various ways!

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