Thursday, January 6, 2011

Preparing for our flight to Uganda

Just taking a moment to reflect on tomorrow’s flight to London & then on to Entebbe, Uganda. We leave on a Friday, arrive in Africa Saturday evening. Stay the night in the capitol, and then an eight-hour bus trip into the bush for our final destination - Kiburara, Uganda.

When we were approached about the trip last summer (has it really been that long ago?) we were the most uncomfortable with the fund raising aspect (we hate fund raising)! But to tell the truth by putting ourselves out there and asking people to help us we deepened relationships, made new friends, and were amazed by the generosity of so many (some we hadn't heard from in a long long time).

Suffice to say we have learned a lot about trusting God and leaving the results to him, and to not “feel” like we needed to do it all by ourselves. The “trust factor” has been one of the best experiences of this entire process; in fact this is a lesson that will serve us well during this adventure.

Every step during this process has been filled with surprises. The best part has been to not over reach and try to take control of things we never had control of in the first place.

In one of my earlier entries I spoke of the desperation I felt after falling down during my endurance run and not knowing if I could continue the race. Bloody and exhausted I had to stay focused on the immediate, in the moment and not be distracted with “white noise”.  Well that picture is the perfect metaphor for this mission trip. Being desperate for God’s help and moving in the present moment, not fretting about tomorrow or what tomorrow might bring. 

I am thankful for the valuable lessons learned and haven’t even left the country yet! I am anticipating friendships, situations, and circumstances never experienced before, in a land never visited before. With God before us we will trust and look to him for all our provisions.

Keep checking in with this blog for additional entries as we travel.

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