Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Development by Ugandans for Uganda

We decided to take public transit west. It would be about a five hour trip and it was the most affordable. Heck it was good enough for the locals. George and his driver were a great help again getting us from the orphanage to the Bus Depot in downtown Kampala. On our way to the terminal John Emilio had to make several stops to buy bars of soap for a research project.

You see John was doing this research for SMI in the hopes of developing a soap made in Uganda for Ugandans. It seemed odd that a country with all these natural resources would import soap. Also some of the research done here in the USA showed that the process could be fairly simple, economical, create jobs and profit revenue for the local villagers. So SMI was developing this great idea of a soap factory in Kiburara.

Once we got within a quarter mile of the bus terminal we had to pull over because traffic was in gridlock. We stopped in what seemed to be an ally way and waited for George to fetch some help to carry the bags. Once help arrived we were on our way for the next leg of our adventure.

The bus trip west was an interesting experience. The bright orange buses from Globe Coachway were lined up in a semi straight line. The whole place was busying with the energy of an open air market. People buying and selling; trying to catch a bus, loading luggage and animals and produce anywhere they could fit it.

Inside the bus they arranged five seats across, three on the left and two on the right. John and Kendra got the two on the right Mary and I went left. The open seat next to me was soon occupied by a young mother with a young toddler. A tight fit for sure.  

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