Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wingate Guesthouse

We arrived at the Wingate guesthouse in the wee hours the night before and slept very well. We had two days to decompress from the 18 hour flight, time to prepare for what would be a whirlwind of activity. Mary was to be part of a group set aside for just ministry to the women. I would be doing construction to the widow’s homes and preaching and teaching as our host would request. 
We spent much of our time at Wingate reading, studying and making notes for the workshops and teaching that were to come.

We even got in a nice 5k run that morning through the dusty streets to the gate of the Department of Agriculture’s grounds in northern Kampala. Running inside the grounds was fascinating. There were huge experimental plots designated for different types of coffee beans. It was fun to run past homes where small children would call out “muzungu, muzungu”.

By mid afternoon the second day John Emilio from SMI picked us up to take us to our lodgings for the next two days, one of the oldest orphanages in Kampala the Sanyo Baby house. This was about an hour’s drive through the city center atop one of the tallest hills of the city.

The view was amazing. The Baby House itself was a configuration of houses and huts behind thick walls and an iron gate.

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