Monday, August 25, 2014

We Felt Welcomed and an Immediate Ease

Arriving by taxi, we knew we would be staying with another team from Redeemer Church of Virginia. Theirs was a team of first timers just like Mary and I four years ago. 

You could still see that wide eyed expression of “what have we gotten ourselves into” look.  But they had a passion to explore and serve and that is really the only prerequisite for this kind of work.

What we didn't know was that John (a friend from church) had told a young lady Kendra, about Mary and I. Kendra had given up a successful law practice in Virginia months ago to pursue full-time missions work in a Mexican orphanage. 

She had been told about Mary and I and our desire to do "more extended and a different kind” of mission work. She was waiting to meet us when the taxi pulled into the driveway. Kendra was one of the first to greet us a fetch our bags. She had a sparkle in her brown eyes and a rare kind of energy not common to most folks. 

We felt welcomed and an immediate ease with her. Mary and she made an instant connection!

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