Monday, August 25, 2014

Flight Arrangements

We had made our own flight arrangements and itinerary for the January 2014 trip. We attended the team building meeting at our church because we wanted to be totally connected and part of the team when they arrived in Kiburara. We were also super excited about our plans to be out on our own the week before the team arrived. We worked on our schedule to make sure that we would be in Kiburara when the team got there.

 George Nsumba met us at the Entebbe Airport late in the evening and little did we know that another group of Americans from Syracuse New York would be joining us for the ride to the Wingate Guesthouse. During the hour and a half ride we were able to find out that their team had been coming to Uganda for several years and ministering with some of the local churches in Kampala. The organizer of the group had been working in the county for several decades.

We were fascinated to learn of many groups, organizations, and NGO’s that have used this country as a base of operations because of it stability and ease of language (English is the primary language for this former British Colony). 

The Airport has a huge UN Contingent with equipment, personnel; F-14’s and transport planes.  Samaritans Purse, the Peace Corp, MONUSCO ( and many others are a very active presence in the country. Uganda thought to be the first country to detect the HIV Aids virus decades ago has since had one of the best prevention and lowest infection rates in the region.

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