Monday, August 25, 2014

How Relaxed They Were

After settling in our tight quarters (John on the sofa, Kendra in a cramped room with three other women, and Mary and I in a small room with two single beds) we walked down the steep hill to a nice Indian restaurant for lunch. 
The entire team of 15-20 from Redeemer Church joined us. It was a bright sunny afternoon and we ate out on the terrace. It felt a lot like any sunny day back in the states. 

Kendra was opposite of us and Mary asked her about herself. She without hesitation told us about her journey and how God took her from the relative safety and security of a lucrative law practice back in Virginia to a call to full-time missions work. 

We were blown away to say the least.

I was also very impressed by the entire team, how relaxed they were, how easy they got along and interacted. Kirk Alexander was the lead pastor. An imposing big man with a career in the Navy before a calling to the ministry, he also was relaxed and easy to talk too. 

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