Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Eight

This has been the busiest trip to date since our teams began going four years ago in 2007. We were unable to get back to the guesthouse as early in the evening as hoped. As a result, though in good spirits, everyone was physically tired and in need of rest.

Sunday was a great day! Our team divided into six groups to visit and serve six area churches. Adam, Paul, Eric, Peter, Isaac, and Robin each shared a message at one of the six churches.
When I say area local churches, think of large one-room building (looking more like a farmer's barn, than a church building). Think also that these buildings were not even there two or three years ago.

Grace was poured out on these new believers. Pray that their lives will be permanently changed as they seek to grow in their faith.

In the afternoon, our team attended a concert performed by the "youth" (high school aged singles) from Pastor Moses' church. They had written and produced excellent songs, which they performed along with dance in honor of our team. What a blessing!

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