Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Two

Day two started similarly to Monday. Early morning, sun rays through the window, the crow of a rooster outside of the guesthouse. 

After freshening up in the bathroom, a splash on my face, shave, and a bucket of water over my head. I knew it would be another hot day. I arranged my work clothes on the bed, placed all my backpack items out, made sure I had sunscreen and plenty of bottled water. 

Breakfast was in the large open “cafeteria” the next building over down the cement stairway. It had long folding tables surrounded by plastics chairs. The menu same as yesterday was dry toast with jam, hard-boiled eggs, and bananas. We were asked to load the bus for this day’s construction project. Different widows homes with a new “crew” of men and boys to help.   

I was expecting the work to be something similar and the work the day before, and it was somewhat repetitive; but this time I was a little more confident in my masonry skills. 

False hope, this Muzunga was no expert at the wattle and daub 


method of construction! It was interesting to see the ladies and two other men from the guesthouse working with the children and village women. The songs and skits were sometimes raucous.

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