Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"People are Getting Saved Like Crazy"

God is working mightily through the team in Uganda and pouring out His kindness upon them! They continue to be healthy, doing well, and enjoying themselves together as they serve. 
Please pray for continued health, strength, and joy.

Today the team completed work on the remaining widows' homes. They mixed cement by hand and applied it to the structures. It has been hard, physical labor in the heat, but everyone is doing great. In addition, around 100 people came out both days to watch the team work. Some ladies on the team spent the time creating games, preaching the Gospel, reading the Bible, listening to, and praying for the children in attendance. Isaac said they did an outstanding job caring for these precious ones. 
Please pray for the encouragement of the local Church & for the salvation of many as a result of our team's labors.

Today was also the second day of the five-day Pastor's conference led by Robin Boisvert. The attendance increased to over 120 participants. Robin is joyfully teaching almost non-stop from 8:30 am-5pm each day. 
Please pray for continued stamina for Robin as he teaches & for the Pastors and leaders attending.

Additionally, attendees have begun arriving today for the start of the Youth conference on Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for the team to begin interacting with those they will be serving in the days ahead. 
Please pray God would direct and bless these conversations/interactions and for the upcoming conference.

Tomorrow will also find our team splitting into smaller groups to begin village outreach and evangelism. They will be visiting areas nearby churches that have been planted by Kiburara Gospel Center.  
Please pray for God to open the hearts of the villagers and for wisdom for our team as they seek to share with and serve these folks.

Lastly, I was able to get more information regarding the radio broadcast on Monday. Drew Garfield opened up the radio program by speaking for ~5-10 min on who they are & why they, as Americans, have come to Africa. Isaac then preached a message focused on the Gospel for ~35-40 min. Isaac said they were surprised to learn that the listening audience is around one million people in Western Uganda. It is a secular station that has a portion of airtime set aside for Christian programming. Listening to this radio station is apparently a very popular activity among local residents, believers & non-believers alike.  Many people have approached to talk because they heard the message on air. Isaac also indicated they have received much favor as the owner is a Muslim who communicated directly how much he "thanks God" for them & for the message they are preaching. "People are getting saved like crazy" is a direct quote from Isaac (thanks be to God!). An additional radio broadcast will occur on this Sunday, the 15th.   
Please pray for continued fruit from the previous broadcast & for many more to be reached through the upcoming message.

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