Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ugandan Church Services

The team split up into smaller groups of three or four and visited seven area churches today. Most of the churches are constructed of wood and mud, sometimes fabric for a roof, banana leaves and poles for walls. Most are situated near a hill. It is a beautiful and picturesque environment for worship and we felt privileged to be able to participate in the services we attended. 

Before departing for our respective churches, Isaac had an impression while in prayer that the God was calling many more to know Jesus as savior and asked the team to share the good news and give people an opportunity to respond at each service. God was definitely leading and moving- many professed Christ that day!! 

Isaac was able to share a little more detail about the church plant he visited (which started up just about a month ago). He said there are about 15 adults and 15 children who attend on a regular basis. As a result of Pastor Moses and Isaac being in attendance that morning, multiple local villagers (non-believers) came out to see what was going on/what the service was all about. Four of these individuals came to know Jesus as savior!! In addition, some local politicians visited. The most prominent of the politicians (most similar to a councilman in the States) is a believer and declared that he will always provide support to this local church as long as they are "preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ". What favor and kindness from God! 

At 6 pm Ugandan time (10 am USA time), Isaac and Drew brought a second gospel message on the local radio station. It has an audience of around one million people. There were many more wonderful stories of God's grace in the seven churches and throughout the day.

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