Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Six

What an exciting couple of days for our team! God met us at every turn. What a wonderful time to labor and to share with the wonderful people of Uganda. Many lives have been changed forever! Ours and theirs. 

Friday was the last day of the Pastors' Conference. Isaac was able attend a portion of the PC and emphasized what a joy it was to observe Robin so effectively leading and equipping these dear men who are so eager, hungry, and grateful to learn from God's Word.

Robin taught directly from Biblical text and those present were voraciously asking questions and taking notes. There was also a time of prayer and ministry. Isaac said Robin did a wonderful job and simply is "The Man"!

Friday also saw the continuation of the Youth Conference. Jason, Adam, and Isaac each taught a message that morning.

Friday afternoon the team participated in another open-air outreach in the center of Kiburara. Eric shared an excellent message and Katie spoke to approximately 200 children, sharing God's grace in her life through the difficult period when her brother died several years ago.

Sara and Megan rested at the guesthouse on Friday as a precaution, because of their cold symptoms, but they were feeling much better by the afternoon! They were able to rejoin the team on Saturday. Everyone on the team was now healthy.

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