Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Last Day

Monday was an exciting day. Forty-two people were baptized in the river, with a heard of cattle looking on. 

Many of them were new believers who had given their lives to the Lord during our eight-day stay! This was the largest group requesting baptism in all the years of our trips to Uganda.

Monday evening the team returned early to the guesthouse to pack and rest in preparation for the nine-hour bus ride to Entebbe at sunrise Tuesday morning.

We arrived in Entebbe about 4 pm and checked into a hotel to shower and have dinner. Everyone was doing well and healthy! 

Tuesday evening we needed to getting ready to leave the hotel for the Entebbe airport. Take off was late Tuesday night for a connection in London at dawn. Then leaving the London Airport for Dulles at 6:05 am our time. We would arrive at 2:30pm Wednesday east coast time. A two-day trip.

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