Friday, January 13, 2012

"Busy" with Service

Friday, January 13

Friday was another very full day. The Youth conference continued; Gavin, Isaac and I taught. In addition, Andrew wrote a skit on the bus on the way to the village. It was based on his story of being delivered from the occult and witchcraft. A ten member cast from our team performed it. The crowd went wild with excitement. Andrew then shared his personal account of being delivered from the occult. This was an important time of ministry as followers and non followers struggle greatly with fear of local witch doctors and the power and influence they have.  
We pray the good news will go forward, believers will be strengthened and the evil practice of witchcraft will be abolished.

Friday also saw the conclusion of the Pastor's Conference. Robin taught and then handed out Certificates of Completion for the week-long course. 
 This was a significant moment for the Pastors/Leaders (and for their congregations) as none of them have had any formal training. One Pastor shared his story. In 40 years of Pastoring, this was the first time he had ever received training. It brought tears to our eyes seeing the smiles on their faces. To God be the glory!  
Peter Giglio stayed back at the guest house to rest due to a slight fever from a spider bite he received. Peter is doing well.....   The site had begun to swell a bit over the last two days and required attention from our medical team. We also contacted our physician in the States who directed care for Peter via the internet. There was no infection and the wound is healing well.  Peter is feeling better he will be teaching both Saturday and Sunday.  

Saturday will be the last day of the Youth conference. The team will also participate in Village Outreach.  

Highlights from the Day

* Everyone with cold symptoms fully recovered- there is power in prayer! 

* Isaac kindly received a gift rooster from a young boy who attended the Youth conference four years ago and professed Jesus at that time. This is a very generous and meaningful gift. We ate the rooster for lunch on Sunday.
* A young woman, named Fortunate, was singing a special song in honor of Robin. Fortunate's story is pretty amazing; she attended the Youth Conference in 2010, she had plans to drown herself in the local river, when God intervened and delivered that day. Today she is a young woman of much faith and a leader of her peers- God showed his mercy & kindness!

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