Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It has been a year since my return from Africa – and my time there was a sensory overload; without a doubt this was one of the most AMAZING experiences of a lifetime!

As I remember all the stories, friendships, and moments of shear wonder (did I mention Sade’s bus driving abilities), I will need several postings to fully share all my astonishing experiences. 

Of course there were the oblivious experiences – a far away land with exotic plants, animals, and a very interesting people. But beyond the oblivious are the internal experiences that are not immediately obvious to the eye. Those internal events, which define who we really are and what we feel inside - those places where our doubts, fears, anxieties reside where our hopes, trust and compassion resides; that area in our hearts where others cannot see.

My posting the night before I left for Uganda was a bit prophetic. In that posting I mentioned lessons learned leading up to the trip. Lessons like asking others for help, not being so self reliant and learning to depend on friends, not being so self sufficient and learning to depend on God.

These have been valuable life lessons, which I can take with me for the rest of my life. Lessons learned even before leaving the country… But God was good and knew there were more to come, much more to come and more he wanted to show me.

to be continued........

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