Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Five

The first portion of the day found our team once again participating in the Youth Conference and the Pastors' Conference. Peter, Isaac & I each shared at the conference, while Robin continued investing in the local Pastors. 

One exciting highlight of the day was the two gentlemen who wandered in to the Pastors' conference and professed faith in Christ after hearing Robin teach!

At 4 pm, the entire team gathered and split into three groups. The first and second groups took part in hut-to-hut evangelism at a nearby villages, and passed out much needed mosquito nets to local residents. 

Peter, Sherly, Mary & I were on team two. We were taken on a long drive down some remote pitted dirt roads and dropped off in front of a hut. We walked up a trail for about one or two miles and stopped in to visit with several families. It was cool to actually see them at home in their huts. Even though they had dirt floors they were very neat and orderly.

The third group participated in an open-air evangelistic crusade in the heart of Kiburara. More singing, dancing & sharing.

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