Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preparations for the Youth Conference

Today was a great day! The team completed preparations for the Youth Conference which begins Thursday the 12th. We are anticipating over 500 attendees!   
Our team visited two areas today to participate in village outreach. Over thirty people professed wanting to know Jesus personally, God is good! Many more locals will be coming to the village Churches this Sunday to see what all the excitements about.

The "fields really are ripe for harvest!" Isaac said and he  asked me to thank CLC for sending this team into the harvest fields.  

Robin Boisvert completed day three of the Pastors Conference today. He is doing an amazing job!  
Tomorrow's Schedule
Youth Conference (all day) 
          Pastor's Conference (Robin will teach 1/2 of the day and Isaac will teach 1/2 of the                   day) Prison Outreach (at the end of the day)   
Thursday, January 12
Thursday was a "super-busy" day for our team - they accomplished much! Our basic schedule for the day was:

Youth Conference- AM
Village Outreach and Evangelism- AM
Pastor's Conference- all day
Prison Outreach- PM

In order to meet the needs of the day, we split up into smaller groups. Some folks participated in the Youth Conference including teaching and worship.  Drew Garfield, Jason West, and Andrew Sandor taught. That morning, other team members also visited two area villages to participate in Village Outreach. Robin taught at the Pastor's Conference in the morning and Isaac taught on being image-bearers of God (Genesis 1-2) in the afternoon. Robin got some much deserved rest that afternoon as a team visited the local prison. Men on the team shared the gospel with prisoners and ladies on the team reached out to the wives of prison workers.They live in a nearby village just outside the prison gates. Much fruit came from the day and many were encouraged and many professed faith in Jesus throughout the day!

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