Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Seven

Saturday was the conclusion of the Youth Conference. Pepper and Robin shared. Robin taught on remembering and applying the Gospel through the "five finger reminder", that is to say "Jesus died for my sins".

Eric and Pepper did an amazing job leading worship. They were able to, for the first time ever in the four-year history of Covenant Life Church's trips to Uganda, get the local residents involved in singing and dancing with our team! (Historically, those attending the youth conference would watch and observe quietly).

Adam and Pami organized drama presentations this year and did an outstanding job. The drama was saturated with pungent content and humor (they were quite funny!).

On a side note, Saturday morning, Jason and Isaac were able to rescue a local village dog that had fallen into an eight to ten foot open well the evening prior. The poor guy had been treading water for hours and was very grateful to be rescued!

Saturday afternoon the team divided into eight groups and participated in door-to-door village outreach. They shared, & prayed for folks (often for healing), and passed out mosquito nets to those they visited. 

The local farmers had been very hospitable. They were very open to talking and praying. They kindly invited our teams into their homes. There were two men waiting for one team when they stepped off the bus, asking to know more of Jesus and expressing a desire to follow Him!

Torrential rains fell for about an hour during the village outreach on Saturday afternoon and everyone was soaking wet by the time they returned to the guesthouse (and it was a little unexpectedly cold), but we were all in good spirits and singing on the bus as we returned to the village.

Many more had heard the good news message and received invitations to visit area Churches on Sunday. It was a powerful time of ministry for all!

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